About Shyam Construction

Having experience civil and mechanical engineers to manage entire affairs of the company at the site.

India is emerging as the economical super power in the world with the support of talented, committed and dedicated younger generations of our country. Infrastructure is the most paramount important factor to boost country's image in the eye of the world and also a driving force for growth of our economy. We Shyam Construction, pledge and oath to dedicate ourselves with all our talented team for the growth of our beloved nation by rendering quality and timely performance in the area of infrastructure development and to contribute maximum share for the growth of our nation with crystal clear management vision with a sense of corporate governance as the management and the team has got ability to execute the projects as per schedule of completion.
Organization in Brief
Shyam Construction is closely held proprietor firm. The erstwhile proprietor firm, Shyam Construction was established in the year 2004 with by Mr. Bhavesh Patel. Since inspection we are engaged in the construction of infrastructure projects like buildings, canals, tanks etc. Our main business is filing of tenders for civil infrastructure projects of government / semi government / local bodies and other statutory, as per the tender document.
Key Management Personnel
Bhavesh Patel is a Civil Engineer having wide experience of challenging industrial jobs within stipulated time. Experience of more than 20 Years.

Pranay Bhatt is a civil engineer having strong technical base by the virtue of 27 years of experience in construction of multi-storied residential as well as commercial buildings.

Our Organization
To meet our clients' need and to create highest order of customers' satisfication, the functional acitivities of the organisaton are streamlined as under.